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Cheap Pops - Trained by Barrett Brown - An Exposé

Barrett Brown joins the crew for a special Exposé about the #TrainedByBarrettBrown movement, mental health, and wrestling for Christ! 

He also discusses Killer Tim Brooks, Training, and being the last "NWA" World Junior Heavyweight Champion! 

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Our Lady Peace 

The Verve Pipe

Third Eye Blind 

The HU


Cheap Pops-Episode 52 - Undisputed

The Cheap Pops crew discuss the Houston Astro heel turn and the backlash in the MLB. They also break down the "New Generation" XFL and PJ Walker.

Bart Harris joins the crew to discuss all things UPW and old school TASW.  Larry Pisstle is fearless.


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Guest Stars 

Larry Pisstle

James Bibby 

Featuring Music by

Me First and Gimme Gimmies

Vic Mensa


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Cheap Pops - Behind The Wrestling - Rumble In The Garden

The $20 Man goes behind the scenes in this revealing documentary on "Rumble in the Garden" featuring an in depth interview with El Silencio. 

El Silencio confronts the $20 Man and Baby Yoda. Edson gets force choked. 

Thomas reaches out to Good Time Charlie for some blue chew! Sponsored by JMT Shirts and Cartoon U. 

Episode contains graphic language. 

Featuring Music By


The Black Kids 




Guest Stars 

Baby Yoda

GoodTime Charlie 

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Cheap Pops - Episode 51 - Rumble In The Garden

In the Season 4 premiere the boys discuss the Rumble in The Garden and wrestling scandals.

Christie Jaynes joins the show and discusses her run as ACW Hardcore champion and bottomless hole of FB friend requests.

The $20 Man tries to get a raise and Thomas tries to get tax money.

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The Wallflowers

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Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B 

Cheap Pops - A Cheap Pops Christmas Story

Characters from Cheap Pops Radio and Pop Culture all gather for a Christmas party. 

The $20 Man uses a Ouija board to visit the Ghost of Christmas Past and shows Thomas and Edson one possible future in a visit to the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Baby Yoda uses the force to get 403s and the Fake Jimmy Novas girlfriend eats all the food and Jaime tries the 1955 special.

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Featuring Music By

Brenna Red

The DropKick Murphys 


Weird Al

Special Guests

The Fake Jimmy Nova


Baby Yoda

Future Edson

Future Thomas 

The $40 Daddy 

Larry Pisstle

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Cheap Pops-Episode 50 - OUTATIME(Season Finale)

In the season finale the The $20 Man takes the crew back in time to Hill Valley in 1955 where they run into Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

Thomas misses date night and the Twenty Cent Kidd gets his scooter stolen.

Jaime goes on a search for Reggie and Edson changes history! 


Guest Starring 

Marty McFly

Doc Brown

$20 Man

Jaime Martinez

Future Edson

Twenty Cent Kidd


Featuring Music By 

New Found Glory

Buddy Holly

The Penguins 

The Cast Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer 


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Warning- This Episode Contains Harsh Language and Adult Themes



Cheap Pops - Episode 49 - Ya Boi

Eryk Anders joins us this week. We talk everything from his early days, to his Collegiate Football Career, where in 2009 his sack fumble secured the #NationalChampionship for the #CrimsonTide! We then dive into his current occupation in the #UFC, and talk about his upcoming fight at #UFCTampa October 12th against seasoned veteran, Gerald Meerschaert. We touch on a recent incident where he had to separate #DolphZiggler and #Goldberg from taking each others heads off! Lastly, he may or may not have had an encounter with adult film superstar #KendraLust in #LasVegas.   

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Cheap Pops - Episode 48 - Law & Order HOU

Thomas goes on trial for being a womanizer in this one of a kind take on classic court room drama. 

Join us as the $20 Man does is best to teach Thomas a lesson and Edson tries to once again get his Facebook brother out of trouble. 

Texas Judge Pete Peterman makes a deal. Will Thomas ever take care of baby Pisstle?  Sponsored by JMT Shirts and Cartoon U


Guest Starring

Judge Pete Peterman 

The Fake Jimmy Nova 

Larry Pisstle


Featuring Music by 

Tre Cool

Kenny Chesney

T.G. Sheppard

Warning: This Episode contains graphic language and frequent use of the term 403. Listener discretion is advised

No 403s were harmed in the making of this episode.

#CheapPops #LawAndOrder #Houston #Comedy #Music 


Cheap Pops - Episode 47 - Blank Space

The crew run down the WWE King of The Ring tournament and discuss the loss of Jon Moxley at All Out. 

Edson needs advice and Thomas tries to virtually consummate his relationship with Taylor Swift.

The $20 Man plays a prank! 

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Featuring Music by

Jimmys Chicken Shack


Ava Max


LL Cool J


Taylor Swift 

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Cheap Pops - Episode 46 - Love Me Sexy

The Sexy God Steve Demarco joins the show to discuss the #GSL takeover of the Texas Indies. 

The crew also discuss the "Wednesday Night Wars" between AEW and NXT.

The boys get big timed and Thomas leaves a voicemail. 

Featuring Music by 

Chris Klieber 

Jackie Moon

Guns and Roses 


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