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Cheap Pops Radio- Heresy

The crew of Cheap Pops discuss LOKO Wrestling and " The Session" and the Johnny Depp\Amber Heard defamation trial.. The cops search Ryans house and Virginia tries to win back Thomas. The $20 Man goes "Maga" on wrestling promo marks. Will "The Real" Genghis Bong please stand up? Virginia "sh*ts" the bed!


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Cheap Pops Radio - Planet Dread

Kenny Kalypso joins the show to discuss his wrestling career and his start with Booker T's Reality of Wrestling and more. $20 Man and Thomas have trust issues. Kenny puts everyone over and Thomas seeks therapy for his detachment issues with Virginia. #CheapPops #PlanetDread #Comedy #Wrestling #Music


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Cheap Pops Radio - Chasing A Ghost

The crew of Cheap Pops embrace their Y-List celebrity status in this special episode of Cheap Pops Radio. Ghost Hunter Patrick Theriot joins the show to discuss his adventures hunting the supernatural and his YouTube show "Ghost Texas". Thomas gets engaged and Virginia can't handle it. Molly ghosts the $20 Man and Patrick throws Thomas under the bus. Jerry sticks up for Ryan.

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Staffan Carlon

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Cheap Pops Radio - CancelVania( A Halloween Gimmick)

The crew of Cheap Pops do their best to get cancelled in this skit filled Halloween story featuring the "Prince of Darkness" Dracula. The $20 Mans virtual girlfriend makes her Cheap Pops debut. Thomas meets Bailey and the Cheap Pops Cyberstalking Division lets those hoes know. The boys take a plane ride from hell. John from Spotify lays down the law.


Cheap Pops Radio - Episode 64 - Go Flex

The crew of Cheap Pops Radio welcome "Sexy" Steve Demarco back to civilization in his first appearance since CoronaVirus killed live sports in 2020. We discuss his departure from ROW and the "Speaking Out" movement last summer. The $20 Mans virtual girlfriend needs money, Nate Slater wants a steak and Jesse talks about his wife returning to the wrestling business. Virginia stalks Thomas and Steve Demarco is our Homeboy.

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Cheap Pops Radio - Episode 63 - Hoetry

Author and Poet Darin Lee joins the show to discuss his book Hoetry. The boys swap STD stories, Thomas recites a poem to Virginia and $20 Man gets a virtual girlfriend. 


Rated M for Mature

Cheap Pops - Coast To Coast -Gabby

Psychic Medium Sarah Draper joins the crew of Cheap Pops as we discuss the case of Gabby Petito and her fiance Brian Laundrie currently on the run from the FBI. #CheapPops #CoastToCoast #TrueCrime #Gabby Petito #BrianLaundrie #Podcats #Youtube #Spotify #Twitch #IHeartRadio #Itunes

Cheap Pops Radio - Episode 62 - It‘s Still Real Dammit!

The most famous wrestling fan on the planet and wrestlings "Original Crying Wrestling Fan' David Wills joins the crew to discuss wrestling and going viral on the internet. Jaime discusses his recent trip to Las Vegas to work with GCW. Along the way check out some of the most memorable wrestling entrance themes in history! #Wrestling #CheapPops #DavidWills #itsStillRealDammit

Cheap Pops - Coast To Coast -The Dark Defender

Real Life SuperHero The Dark Defender joins the crew of Cheap Pops to discuss his training and goes over the protocols of the nightly superhero patrols. The crew also discuss the return of CM Punk and John Cena. Thomas and Jerry go to the Hella-Mega tour to see Weezer and Green Day and Virginia gets engaged.

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Cheap Pops - Coast To Coast - Episode 12 - Buddy Webb

Buddy Webb from Hobbs, New Mexico has a different story to tell than you or I. His story includes underground human trafficking, Texas murder tunnels, and secret police where he resides in Midland, TX. He joins us this week to discuss the attempt on his life that left him disabled and a conspiracy that includes the Bush family, VP Mike Pence , and his ex wife. 


Featuring Music by 


Will Harrison

Melanie Ball

Humble Hey 


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