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Cheap Pops - Coast To Coast - Episode 11 - Zombies(Season 2 Premiere)

In the C2C Season premiere we discuss the effect of Zombies on real life and pop culture. The boys also discuss the art of slow burn storytelling. Jerry is Jerry! Sponsored by JMT Shirts and Cartoon U 

Featuring Music by

Of Men and Wolves 


Nicki Gee


Cheap Pops - Episode 61 - Table For Four(Featuring Jesse K. Logan and Nate Slater)

The "Silverback" Nate Slater has been on a tear in the Houston wrestling scene capturing The DZW, UPW and TASW Heavyweight Championships. Cheap Pops Radio co-host Jesse K. Logan will be challenging Slater for the UPW Championship on April 17, 2021 at UPW Turf Wars 2. But before they do that they meet for a special episode of Cheap Pops Radio "Table for Four".  The two discuss wrestling training in Humble and a rivalry that has raged between them their entire careers. 


Featuring Music BY 




George Simpson

Jontha Links


Cheap Pops - Episode 60 - Cancel Jerry(Season 5 Season Premiere)

The crew discuss Cancel Culture, "Entitled" Athletes and Gina Carano. The $20 Man tries to cancel Jerry. Ryan has a new commercial and Thomas drunk dials Virginia. 


Featuring Music by 


NbhD Nick

Sven Karllson

Red Revision 

Bo Drifter

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